Here's what our clients have to say:

JMR Building Contractors has been the selected builder on several of my residential projects and I am always pleased to recommend him as a quality builder. They have a very good appreciation for high quality detail and an ability to properly manage their tradesmen and sub-contracts onsite.

I have recommended him to clients because of the quality of their work and their ability to work cooperatively with me in having projects completed on time and to budget.

I am always pleased to include JMR Building Contractors in my selective list of reliable builders.

Anthony Price | Architect | Mona Vale

It gives me great pleasure to put in writing some of my thoughts in relation to working with the team at JMR Building Contractors.

Let me start with placing things into perspective. Kinma is a very small not for profit preschool and primary school that offers an alternative model of education to the majority of other schools in the Sydney area.

My introduction to John and Melissa came by way of advertising in the local papers for a building company that would be prepared to partner and work with a group of motivated, inexperienced, well meaning parents who needed to build a new preschool for their children on an extremely tight budget. Not only was our budget quite limiting, but we had grand plans of a centre that would be amazing.

Imagine being a builder and not knowing when your next plumbing supplies would arrive, or when the gyprock for the walls was coming? To allow us to have everything that we wanted in our building we needed to gain donations and have things gifted to us. John showed us great patience, and latitude and I am positive that there were many times when he would have like to be screaming at us, but did not. Both he and Melissa’s professionalism and warmth allowed me to continue to find ways to cut costs and still create an amazing space. Melissa made herself available to the school at any time to help co-ordinate the huge task of the donations. The other builders and trades people that make up this team were also just as wonderful.

With very little delay we created an amazing preschool for our children. Visitors to our school always make positive comments on the new Preschool.

TAKE TWO: The Federal Government sent a brief to schools about possible funding to develop education infrastructure for all schools (BER). The time frame for planning, design and implementation was very short. The school made a quick call to John to ask for help. We needed help to draw plans up for a building that I had no idea if we would receive funding for and that I could not guarantee that he would be the builder. Within two weeks John had listened to everything that we wanted and produced plans for me to be able to submit an application for funding.

JMR Building Contractors again came in and built the school a wonderful meeting space on time and in budget. John during the process found other great ways to enhance the design, increase our storage areas and reduce the costs in the staging design.

During both of these works John, Melissa and their team were always friendly and answered the students questions. John was roped into being a ‘teacher’ of building one day for our students.

If you are looking for a team of great professionals,you could not go past JMR Building Contractors

Xxx | Kinma School | Terrey Hills

Some 17 years after building our first family‘project home’ on the northern beaches with on of the country’s largest building corporations, and following three subsequent moves, we decided to once again build a new home and were well down the road to agreeing terms with another large commercial builder when we approached JMR Building Contractors to seek their advice.

Long story short,initial discussions fast escalated to JMR quoting the entire build, with the obvious benefits that we could design a home that truly met our specific requirements. Including: a large home office, huge garage, workshop and storage,fully self-contained guest villa and contemporary styling – and that would be master built.

From the initial design of the floor plan and building plans, through the entire construction process, JMR offered the kind of professional and approachable service that takes so much of the headache and heartache out of the construction process. Less than a year after sinking the first pier hole, JMR Building Contractors delivered our new home, which now, a year later,has absolutely met all our expectations. We would not hesitate to recommend John, Melissa and the crew at JMR Building Contractors for your next building project

Andrew & Tania Clubb | xxxx

Dear JMR
Thank you for building our dream home. It took us four long years but we got there and the result was exceptional and who would have thought that we would then sell and move to California.

In terms of our reference for JMR Building Contractors, I think the sale result speaks volumes to the build quality from the team. The consistent feedback from buyers was the build quality was substantially better than comparable properties in Cremorne and equivalent to what they were seeing in another price bracket on the Balmoral Slopes. The final buyer of the property said he paid more because the house was not a spec build and he could see the quality in the finish. So kudos to the team and I am sure if we had not been interrupted by North Sydney Council we would have won the Master Builders Award.

This was our second project with JMR and substantially bigger than our first which was an extension to a Semi. We worked with John from the purchase of the house and in collaboration with our architect from concept to DA completion. I highly recommend this as a process as John made many design improvements that an architect would miss. The result was a build that was less expensive and more practical than an architect only design. We did not go to tender as we worked collaboratively on costs throughout the design process.

That said we had significant cost issues for many reasons. If you are building there will be a cost issue so get ready for it. The difference in dealing with John is he is up front, fair and man of true integrity. Our costs issue was very stressful for both parties and John never walked away which is a complement to his character – a lot of builders would leave you high and dry. The cost issue was due to a Land & Environment Court hearing with North Sydney Council over a neighbour dispute which increased cost soverall. It was not due to John’s mispricing.

I remember vividly as we analysed the costs a comment from John where he stood behind his work and said ‘you have a quality product Mark that is very good value’. Those words stuck with me when we sold as that again is what everyone commented on. You’ll pay a small premium for JMR Building Contractors work but it is absolutely worth paying

Mark | Cremorne